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Steps and Value in Change-Harvesting

Zoom Video Meeting

Change-harvesters say we can change systems most effectively when both the content and the approach of our change is human, local, oriented, taken, and iterative. We can apply these ideas to any change we undertake, but they're especially relevant when we're changing code. The most common answer a change-harvester will give to the question, "How can I get more value faster?" is this: "Take many more significantly smaller steps." In this talk, we'll see why that recommendation is so effective.

deliver:Agile 2020 (UTC-4)

Zoom Video Meeting

GeePaw has moved his Keynote for deliver:Agile 2020 online! You can catch him the same day via live broadcast. More information to come.

Town Hall: Changing Changing Software (UTC-4)

Zoom Video Meeting

Town Halls are remote video discussions that anyone can attend for free. They are structured as a short presentation by myself (GeePaw) followed by an interactive Q&A session. We will be using a browser-based video conferencing application so no download is required.

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