GeePaw's Camerata

camerata is an active community of people working together and apart on a shared problem. Part salon, part continuous colloquium, part Republic of Letters, our camerata is focused around the many topics related to successfully harvesting the value of change in the software trade.

The community is active, private, and informal. Our mission is to create and nurture a culture within the software trade that is centered around humans using change to harvest value.

(The term comes through Jess Kerr, click to see the video.)

Looking for Purchasing Power Parity?

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As a special value for the first 50 yearly members of the camerata, you'll receive a discount code for a free change-harvesting session with GeePaw. It's our way to thank you for the active support.

In a remote (zoom) session, you'll get direct one-on-one coaching, on any topic you wish to discuss. Get GeePaw's ideas and thoughts on your specific situation straight from the founder himself.

The Camerata has a Slack workspace, providing closer communication with GeePaw as well as an environment of supportive individuals for conversation and inspiration, including other well-known leaders in our change-harvesting community.

You may have a team that's working with sensitive issues. In that case you want the membership for the whole team, which adds to the slack a separate private channel whose membership you control.

Because you're a member of the camerata, you'll always be first in line for any event: Be it a free townhall session, a paid course, or amy other offering. The slack has a channel, #reservations, just for the purpose of making sure our members get the best access to the opportunity.

It's this simple: camerata members get an automatic 15% discount on anything the site sells.

That includes courses, videos, stickers, mugs. Anything! The store is still getting under way, but we have lots of plans, and whatever the product, whatever the price points, you'll be locked in with a substantially lower price.

Most of our content is delivered at a fixed rate, regardless of when it is created. Camerata members, though, will see the content before anyone else: the #early-access channel is an easy way to get to see our creations before anyone else.

We'll even be showing work in progress: this was one way the original camerata became so powerful, by individual members sharing their work before it was ready for prime-time, generating ideas and energy, the basic juice for change!

Individual Dues


  • Single Seat
  • Community Slack
  • 15% Store Discount
  • Dedicated Slack Channel

Team Dues


  • 2-10 Seats
  • Community Slack
  • 15% Store Discount
  • Dedicated Slack Channel

Jess Kerr (Camerata Inspiration)

GeePaw's Free Content

Aside from everything listed above, I am always putting out a weekly podcast and blog, as well as tweeting daily. All this content is kept free forever because I believe in my software development community and I want everyone to learn, think deeply, and succeed. 

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Purchasing Power Parity & Scholarships

GeePaw offers discounted access to the Camerata on a case-by-case basis. If you are looking for scholarship opportunities, please refer to the Scholarships page. For PPP, create a free account with the website by clicking the button below. Then visit the Contact page to submit a request for the PPP discount code for your corresponding country.