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Hi! I’m GeePaw Hill, a writer, trainer, coach, speaker, and above all, hard-core computer geek steeped in the tradition we now call agile software development. My mission is to help organizations that rely on “makers making”. If your team wants to ship more value faster, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find my videos, articles, and blogs. If you have questions or comments, or you want to talk about how I can help your team, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

What does GeePaw do?


I am an experienced public speaker and have delivered keynotes to crowds ranging from dozens to hundreds. Contact me about speaking at your event today.


Starting in 2019, I will be offering limited-access remote workshops. The workshops are live broadcast with screen sharing and participatory problem solving.


In my thirty year career as a professional software development coach, I have worked with both tiny startups and humongous corporations alike.


On the Blog you can find weekly articles in both the technical and philosophical areas of programming, coaching, and the world of agile software development.

Latest from the Blog

UDispatch #5: What is TSD?

So. What is TSD? It’s a small library whose purpose is to make it easy to collect, render, compare, diff, and test tree-shaped data. Once we get past basic programming,...

Agility, Feminism, and Collaboration

So. Hanna Thomas wrote an excellent article a few days back, here. When Lean-Agile methodologies are brought up in progressive spaces, they’re often met with a suspicious side-eye. After all,...

Old White Guys and Agility

I’d like to take a second to address a trope I see here and there about the founding of the agile community. It’s the stuff about "old white men". Non-trigger...

TDD Pro-Tip: Make The Tacit Explicit

Refactoring Pro-Tip: When I make tacit relationships explicit I nearly always improve my code. Once I move past syntactical refactorings into semantics, this is often my first set of moves....

UDispatch #4: Stand-In Plugins

The next amazing layer, now that we’ll have plugin architectures worked out, is to use plugins as stand-ins — very lightweight simulators — of the upstream behavior. A "stand-in" is...

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