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Real Programming S01E08: Tighter, Tighter

That cool change from last time needs finishing, and let’s tighten down the tests & code to their minimum.

If you want to follow along in the code, the project is at github.


GeePaw’s Camerata

GeePaw’s Camerata is live! A community dedicated to makers making. Access to the Slack, one-on-one time with GeePaw, early access to educational videos, and more!

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Thanks to respondent feedback, I have been curating a list of all the reading that I mention in my blogs and elsewhere. I will update it as frequently as I can manage.

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Three software engineering coaches get coached by GeePaw Hill (FourScouts TV)
How much are you able to learn on your own? For some people, reading books, articles, and going to certain training courses are all they need to keep steadily growing their skillset. For teams however, things are a bit more challenging. Retrospectives are indeed a great help, but these are …
On (Not) Using Mocking Frameworks
I'm long past on record that I think the use of auto-mockers outside of legacy rescue situations is bad policy. First, it's easy to write "psuedo-tests" using an automocker. Psuedo-tests are tests that appear to prove things about your code that they don't actually prove. Now, note, I'm not saying …
Three Short Coaching Pro-Tips
A respondent asked that I combine these three short Pro-Tip muses into one post, so here goes: Coaching Pro-Tip #1: Everything good about agility is rooted in relationship, so everything good about coaching is, too. As coaches, we usually start from negative trust, and our central priority has to be …
Two Mantras, One Theme
Two recurring phrases in my work are 1) It is like this because we built it to be like this. 2) The code works for you, you don't work for the code. Two sides of one page, phrased on the front as negative critique, and on the verso as positive …
Path-Focused Design
"Path-focused design", of stories, architecture, code, is design that understands that we can only reach a distant City on the Hill by taking one stride-limited shipping step at a time. Sunday muse-day, comfort food for the geek in me and in you, but please remember, we don't really just want …
Big Batch Releases
Big-batch releases, coordinated and controlled by a central intelligence, fail, and fail frequently. Several aspects of this are fascinating, because of the interplay of hard mathematical reality with human frailty. Let's take a swing. It's Sunday muse-day, comfort food for the geekery-inclined. Enjoy, take respite, but don't forget we want …
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