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Hi! I’m GeePaw, a writer, trainer, coach, speaker, and above all, hard-core computer geek steeped in the tradition we now call agile software development. My mission is to help organizations that rely on “makers making”. If your team wants to ship more value faster, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find my videos, blogs, podcasts, and seasonal courses. If you have questions or comments; or you want to talk about how I can help your team, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

What does GeePaw do?


Launched in 2020, I have created a community focused on makers making. It has a Slack, lectures, and includes some heavy-hitters from the Agile community.


I am an experienced public speaker and have delivered keynotes to crowds ranging from dozens to hundreds. Contact me about speaking at your event today.


In my thirty year career as a professional software development coach, I have worked with both tiny startups and humongous corporations alike.


On the Blog you can find weekly articles in both the technical and philosophical areas of programming, coaching, and the world of agile software development.

Latest Articles

Change-Harvesting and the Dynamic Unity

Reframing ourselves around change-harvesting involves several important concepts or concept-clusters. Maybe the most basic of these is the idea of a “dynamic unity”. Let’s go there. We call a thing a “unity” because we experience it as a whole thing. It has an inside and an outside and a border. It might be made up of other parts, other unities,...

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RAMPS – Ways to Affect Safety

RAMPS — Affecting Safety Affecting safety, the sense of belonging — being valued & accepted — is about creating a stabilizing center-of-mass built around health. A note: none of what I have to say here is relevant if your organization ignores violence, or hasn’t already taken the steps necessary to end overt racism, sexism, age-ism, creed-ism, or nation-ism in its...

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The Camerata is Launched!

Announcement: The Change-Harvesting Camerata is officially launched today! There’s a special launch offer. Read on, to get more info about the camerata itself, and find out the launch deal. A camerata — h/t Jess Kerr for that term — is a group of people working on a common problem, both together and separately. Part salon, part clubhouse, part Republic of...

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If All You Have is a Hammer

“If all you have is a hammer, all you will see is a nail.” This is a pretty well-known saying, and it’s also an introduction to the ideas of frame, worldview, and culture. (The saying is usually attributed to Abraham Maslow, so often it’s sometimes called Maslow’s Hammer. As far as we can make out, though, he never said it...

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RAMPS – S is for Safety

Safety — the sense of being valued and accepted, of belonging — is a powerful motivator for many individuals. A lack of safety often seems like a simple switch, instantly shutting down talented and capable people. (This topic of safety is a minefield right now. The absence of a safe place to stand today seems, paradoxically, to shape all our...

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How I Work – Preaching And Practicing

A respondent asks, "Are you always able to practice what you preach? I don’t mean intentionally dropping but unintentionally as your mind is sloppy. I have great difficulties in applying 100% of my "knowledge" 100% of the time." Sometimes questions open up huge areas with lots of issues and subtexts and angles, and this is one. It’s too big to...

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