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Hi! I’m GeePaw, a writer, trainer, coach, speaker, and above all, hard-core computer geek steeped in the tradition we now call agile software development. My mission is to help organizations that rely on “makers making”. If your team wants to ship more value faster, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find my videos, blogs, podcasts, and seasonal courses. If you have questions or comments; or you want to talk about how I can help your team, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

What does GeePaw do?


Starting December 2019, I will be offering remote courses and workshops. The workshops are live broadcast with screen sharing and participatory problem solving.


I am an experienced public speaker and have delivered keynotes to crowds ranging from dozens to hundreds. Contact me about speaking at your event today.


In my thirty year career as a professional software development coach, I have worked with both tiny startups and humongous corporations alike.


On the Blog you can find weekly articles in both the technical and philosophical areas of programming, coaching, and the world of agile software development.

Latest Articles

RAMPS – Purpose is Service to a Greater

RAMPS: P is for Purpose, the sense one is serving a valued "greater". Those who rate this band of the motivational spectrum highly can be go-to workhorses, but only if we keep them connected to their valued greater. If rhythm is largely focused on the distribution of "feels good" through one’s working life, purpose works to carry us through the...

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RAMPS – Ways To Affect Mastery

RAMPS: Affecting mastery, the sense an individual has that she is growing in a way she values, means first jiggling our ideas about efficiency & relevance in work, then jumping in to the opportunities that jiggling will reveal. We talked about the widespread pernicious conceptual cluster we call "finish-line efficiency": the idea that software development is basically a race, w/a...

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RAMPS – Mastery is Opportunity to Grow

RAMPS: M is for Mastery, the sense that my work is actively helping me grow, along some dimension I value. When my motivational spectrum calls for a high degree of mastery, I do my best work when it is just a little over my head. People sometimes confuse the drive for mastery with a drive to know everything. But it’s...

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RAMPS – Ways to Affect Autonomy

Autonomy is the sense of free motion in a team. I adjust the levels of this by expressing important needs as problems, letting go of unimportant needs, and managing risk by a combination of acceptance, next-stepping, and iteration. The more we need creative technical work, the more we have to concern ourselves with providing the humans who do it the...

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How I Work – Just Programming Mix

When I’m programming, I am centered broadly on the cyclical application of small textual changes, each one producing value I then harvest to identify, enable, or energize the next. Before we dig in: This is how I roll code. It is not a prescription of any kind for you. I have a prescription for you, and I can offer it,...

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RAMPS – Autonomy is Freedom to Move

Autonomy is a powerful factor in motivation, and the more creative & technical the work, the more likely autonomy is to figure largely in the maker’s motivational spectrum. Here are three different ways I work when I am geeking out. Each of these is about equal in probability to be the one I use for any particular problem. I will...

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