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Hi! I’m GeePaw Hill, a writer, trainer, coach, speaker, and above all, hard-core computer geek steeped in the tradition we now call agile software development. My mission is to help organizations that rely on “makers making”. If your team wants to ship more value faster, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find my videos, articles, and blogs. If you have questions or comments, or you want to talk about how I can help your team, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

What does GeePaw do?


I am an experienced public speaker and have delivered keynotes to crowds ranging from dozens to hundreds. Contact me about speaking at your event today.


Starting in 2019, I will be offering limited-access remote workshops. The workshops are live broadcast with screen sharing and participatory problem solving.


In my thirty year career as a professional software development coach, I have worked with both tiny startups and humongous corporations alike.


On the Blog you can find weekly articles in both the technical and philosophical areas of programming, coaching, and the world of agile software development.

Latest from the Blog

Season 0 / Episode 1 First Episode of the GeePaw Podcast is now live! These episodes will be posted every Monday morning and will go hand-in-hand with either an old or new blog post on the website GeePawHill.Org. If you love it, sign up to the GeePaw Weekly newsletter to receive Read More
What matters most when I'm collaborating on activity X isn't activity X, it's collaborating. I've given this MCE series a lot of thought, which is why the items appear so slowly. My take seems fundamentally different from what others seem to be saying. And it doesn't feel like a tweak. It's Read More
In our trade, a great deal depends on the distinction between two ideas, manifested as behaviors, cutlures, practice-sets, attitudes, approaches, whatever you call it. I call these ideas "endpointing" and "nextstepping". The central thesis of endpointing: "There's a finish line, and it's what matters most." The central thesis of next-stepping: "There's no Read More
TSD Development: First short TDD session pushed. I said I'd start yesterday, but instead I played a computer game most of the day. https://github.com/GeePawHill/tsd This was short and sweet, so there's just three simple points of interest, one noticed infrastructure problem, then I'll move on to the next part. POI #1: This was textbook Read More
TSD Development: The first thing to do is make a thing that accepts key-value pair assignments to make a tree. Since kotlin readily supports map-like assignments, the first minor-leage case looks like this: output["key"] = "value" That resembles a map, by design, but it isn't one. Later cases will elaborate this, but the secret Read More

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