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My mission is to help people learn how to embrace change and harvest its value. That’s why I started the Camerata: a community of like-minded teams and individuals pushing forward the industry of software development. Click the button and discover the benefits of becoming a member today!

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Real Programming S01E01: Getting Started

In this first episode we lay the groundwork for a simple desktop Yahtzee application.


GeePaw’s Camerata

GeePaw’s Camerata is live! A community dedicated to makers making. Access to the Slack, one-on-one time with GeePaw, early access to educational videos, and more!

Town Halls

Starting at the end of March 2020, GeePaw will be hosting remote Town Halls via Zoom. These will be small gatherings capped at 25 participants and last about 90 minutes. Click the image to see the upcoming Town Halls.

Recommended Reading

Thanks to respondent feedback, I have been curating a list of all the reading that I mention in my blogs and elsewhere. I will update it as frequently as I can manage.

Latest Posts

Change Harvesters Take Change
We're talking about change-harvesting: human, local, oriented, taken, and iterative change. Let's consider this adjective "taken" today, and see where we go with it. I keep saying: these muses are respite for me, and maybe for you, from more important stories. Partisan thugs seek to turn our nation into a …
Change Harvesters Orient Their Changes
In our change-harvesting take, we have human, local, oriented, taken, and iterative as our attributes of successful change strategy. Let's take up oriented: How do we reconcile our emphasis on locality against the far-away target that is our goal? Before we begin, I want to reiterate my support for those …
Real Programming S01E04: Into The Frying Domain!
Real Programming S01E04: Into the Frying Domain! We have two parts of our walking skeleton, the View and the Model. This time we'll move a tiny amount of work into the domain classes If you want to follow along in the code, the project is Welcome to episode four …
Change Harvesting Makes Local Changes
We change-harvesters say human, local, oriented, taken, and iterative. We talked about human a couple of day ago, let's take on local. A quick sketch of the idea, and a couple of cases will do, yeah? Previous Post: Change-Harvesting Emphasizes the Human I write about geekery as a kind of …
Change Harvesting Emphasizes The Human
Human, local, oriented, taken, and iterative: this is how change-harvesting in software development approaches change in most contexts in the trade. Let's take "human" today, and see where it leads us. Before we begin, I want to express my continued support for the protestors. They're still out there, folks, still …
The Cost of Rework Avoidance Theory
To make the case for Change Harvesting as an approach, it's important to understand that the cost of Rework Avoidance Theory isn't imaginary or subtle, but both concrete & quite high. Geekery's not the most important story for me right now, it's really just comfort food. Rest, but don't get …
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