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My mission is to help people learn how to embrace change and harvest its value. That’s why I started the Camerata: a community of like-minded teams and individuals pushing forward the industry of software development. Click the button and discover the benefits of becoming a member today!

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Real Programming S01E08: Tighter, Tighter

That cool change from last time needs finishing, and let’s tighten down the tests & code to their minimum.

If you want to follow along in the code, the project is at github.


GeePaw’s Camerata

GeePaw’s Camerata is live! A community dedicated to makers making. Access to the Slack, one-on-one time with GeePaw, early access to educational videos, and more!

Recommended Reading

Thanks to respondent feedback, I have been curating a list of all the reading that I mention in my blogs and elsewhere. I will update it as frequently as I can manage.

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Path-Focused Design
"Path-focused design", of stories, architecture, code, is design that understands that we can only reach a distant City on the Hill by taking one stride-limited shipping step at a time. Sunday muse-day, comfort food for the geek in me and in you, but please remember, we don't really just want …
Big Batch Releases
Big-batch releases, coordinated and controlled by a central intelligence, fail, and fail frequently. Several aspects of this are fascinating, because of the interplay of hard mathematical reality with human frailty. Let's take a swing. It's Sunday muse-day, comfort food for the geekery-inclined. Enjoy, take respite, but don't forget we want …
Sharing Configurations
You can put all your configuration in a shared library and eliminate just about every mis-configuration in your multi-process application. It's not free, but it's cheap, and it kills a lot of minor pain. Let's take a gander. It's Sunday geek comfort-food time. I hope you enjoy it, and I …
Re-Orienting Around Backsteps
When large teams struggle with trunk-based development (TBD) or continuous integration/deployment (CI/CD), a good strategy is to re-orient how the teams face "backsteps", moments in our workflow where a discovery forces us to re-open a stage we thought was closed. It's been a hard stretch for those of us seeking …
On Agile Methods
A couple of days back, I tweeted about SAFe. It created some stir on the timeline, which was great, as I got to see a lot of perspectives. I want to use that tweet as an excuse to talk about something much larger. This will be a long one. 🙂 …
Standup Braindump
The standup is a short recurring meeting used to (re-)focus the team-mind on effectively moving stories through our workflow. Here's my recommended approach to having standups be useful and brief. The general sequence is 1) address team-wide emergency issues, 2) work story-by-story, 3) distribute new work, 4) address team-wide non-emergency …
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