Speaking Events

I regularly give talks at conferences and user groups around the world. It is one of my favorite activities. I believe in this movement, and I want it spread as far and wide as possible. In my talks, I combine practical insights with wry humor, and I am well-known on the conference circuit as an entertaining and educational speaker.

Whether it’s for 10 people in a user group, or 500 at a major conference, I am interested in getting the chance to discuss ideas. I do not have a firm speaker fee, but instead work with organizers to find the way to make it happen.

If you’re interested in a session, it starts with you inviting me. Just drop me an email here and we can start the conversation today!

  • Live
  • Remote
Live Events

I have great experience in headlining, speaking on panels, and other non-plenary events. At this time I am focusing on Keynotes and live workshops more than anything else.

If you and your organization are interested in booking me for something different or unique, please feel free to reach out and start a dialogue. I am always open to ideas.

Recent Highlighted Talks

I have also given remote talks and conferences to small groups and organizations outside of a more formal workshop environment. Reach out if you or your team is interested in doing remote sessions with me on a case-by-case basis.


Remote workshops are currently in development for late 2019/early 2020-forward. They will vary from single to multi-day events with a limited capacity of participants. More information available here: Remote Workshops.


GeePawHill.Org offers two types of courses:

  1. Video Courses
  2. Written Courses

Past courses become available periodically, but current courses are only available with a membership to GeePaw's Camerata.

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