Real Programming S01E03: Baby Needs New Shoes!

Part 3 of 10 in the series Real Programming

Real Programming S01E03: Baby Needs New Shoes!

Watching those itty-bitty numbers for the dice is making me crazy, so let’s get some dice images going today!

If you want to follow along in the code, the project is

(Note: Transcript and closed captions to be added soon.)

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1 thought on “Real Programming S01E03: Baby Needs New Shoes!”

  1. It’s great to follow step-by-step how you build this. I do not have prior exposure to Kotlin nor JavaFX, yet with ancient Java knowledge and classic patterns, this series is fun to watch.

    Though I am surprised at your distate to do much in the view. I don’t feel like mixing up the images in the model makes more sense. It’s not something you will test easily (as per the separation model/view you made in the first episode), neither is a model concern. The value of the pips is definitely a model concern, but how to display it should be a view-only concern IMHO.

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