RAMPS – Ways to Affect Safety

RAMPS — Affecting Safety Affecting safety, the sense of belonging — being valued & accepted — is about creating a stabilizing center-of-mass built around health. A note: none of what I have to say here is relevant if your organization ignores violence, or hasn’t already taken the steps necessary to end overt racism, sexism, age-ism, creed-ism, or nation-ism in its policies. Those require drastic action. Change that, or leave it, first. I mentioned it in passing before, about anger-less or […]

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RAMPS – S is for Safety

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Safety — the sense of being valued and accepted, of belonging — is a powerful motivator for many individuals. A lack of safety often seems like a simple switch, instantly shutting down talented and capable people. (This topic of safety is a minefield right now. The absence of a safe place to stand today seems, paradoxically, to shape all our discourse into a "calm-to-rage in sixty seconds". Please to make allowances, and if you can’t, then at least a ticking

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RAMPS – Ways to Affect Purpose

RAMPS: Affecting Purpose Raising a sense of purpose — service to a "greater" — in someone who’s sensitive to it, involves offering purposes and then connecting to them. I try not to frame these muses as mere critique. This one’s hard for me to pull off. Clumsy ham-handed misleading efforts at motivating people via purpose are the norm, not the exception, and I’ll give it to you straight up: one gets a little pissy about it after a while. 🙂

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