Town Halls

I am holding remote group discussions to give exclusive, early access to material I am workshopping for courses and keynotes. Attendance is free, just know that any audio and video of the sessions may be used at a later time as course material either in a free or paid web-series.


  • Only 25 seats will be available per session. Click the blue “Register” button on the right to join!
  • Registration ends 1 Hour prior to the town hall.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you immediately upon submission.
  • An email with the Zoom Invite will be sent to all registrants 1 Hour prior to the town hall.


  • Warm Up and Chat (5 – 10 Minutes)
  • Talk Given by GeePaw (15 – 20 Minutes)
  • Directed Group Discussion¬†(60 Minutes)
  • Q+A with GeePaw (30 Minutes)
  • Total: ~120 Minutes

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3/27/2020 @ 4PM – 6PM EST (UTC-4)

All spots are filled for this event.

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