August 29, 2017

Reversible Raincoat Tests

Let’s review "reversible raincoat tests." Sometimes, we build systems in which a downstream collaborator must interface with an upstream one. The two apps are by separate teams, on separate servers, developed at separate times, and still both in development. A reversible raincoat test is a script with two sides. Think in terms of a literal script, like in a play. "Mike: hi mom. Mom: hi son. Mike: is today tuesday? Mom: no, doofus, it’s thursday. Mom: gotta go, basement is …

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On One Ring To Rule Them All?

Yesterday I mused about explanation privileging, where one always reaches for one ring to rule them all in their explanations of behavior. This morning I am thinking about the reasons that happens. Don’t be alarmed, i’m not gonna suggest there’s just one reason for it every time it happens, i’m circular, every argument is circular, true enough, but i’m not that circular. It takes more than one step. 🙂 one reason it happens is biology. There are huge biological reasons …

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Choosing A Coaching Story To Work

Still feeling it, so, a sidebar on choosing which coaching stories to work… I was raised in XP, and as such, I imbibed the concept of "most important story" heavily. When I’d show up at these shops, I’d be replete with the wonder of myself, and I’d look out on the horizon of broken things, and I’d pick. And I picked "the most important story". To me, that meant the thing that is most ruining their ability to ship. But …

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