August 2017

What’s Coaching?

I’ve been mulling over what I do as a coach, for lo these many years, actually, and I feel like sharing some of it. I coach: I create or exploit openings through which individuals, including sometimes myself, can step closer to who they wish they were. I came to coaching early on in the movement.

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RORA – Runs Once, Run Away

Today’s muse, another damned geepawism: RORA technique. RORA means "Runs Once, Run Away". It is the standard technique in a great many software dev environments. A developer is tasked with some story. She codes it using a variety of half-assed techniques, including mostly GAK testing. More geepawism: GAK means "geek at keyboard" testing. You know

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Hard-TDD vs Soft-TDD

Alrighty-then. This Hard-tdd vs Soft-tdd thing. A couple of days ago, I worked through some underplayed premises of TDD here. Along the way, I touched on what I call Hard TDD vs Soft TDD. The terms derive from AI, where proponents differ on soft-AI vs hard-AI. A semantic association, not a real analogy, so i’ll

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