February 18, 2018

The Rigorous Playpen

I’m bettin’ u already got some code. If yer a geek in a substantial code base in an org w/more than a half-dozen other geeks, i’m bettin’ u already got a lot of code. In your team’s head, if not somewhere on an out-of-date piece of paper, there is a picture of "our code". I want to draw a box somewhere where there’s room in that picture, and I want to label it "rigorous". Let’s call it the rigorous playpen. …

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Sync Points Reduce Our Trade’s Effectiveness

Companies spend a great deal of time and energy seeking to get their teams synchronized. Several forces motivate these efforts. It’s worth taking a second to look at these. One force: the belief that synchronization provides steering points. The notion here is that since we’ve just synchronized, now is a good time to react to the market and adjust the direction in which the project is headed. Second: the belief that no given team is able to do all the …

Sync Points Reduce Our Trade’s Effectiveness See Full Post

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