February 28, 2018

Coaching? Like People | Video

Hey, there, it’s GeePaw! And you are watching the first ever GeePaw video aimed specifically at coaches. I hope you like it. Do you know what the first absolute prerequisite for being a successful software development coach is? You have to like people. You have to like people. You have to like their style. You have to like their resistance. You have to like when they do the thing you want them to do. You have to like when they […]

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Coaches: Whence Confidence?

Coaches, we all know that confidence is key, yes? It’s not the only key, but it’s key, especially in the beginning. People look to you for ideas, then. And they’re lookinig to you for a number of reasons, but one of those reasons is because they think you’ll have some. And early on, there’s very little reason for them to think that. They don’t know you, they are guessing. And that perceived confidence in them is matched by an internal

Coaches: Whence Confidence? See Full Post

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