April 14, 2018

Success Theater, Corruption, and My Own Medicine

The more I work higher up the chain, the more I encounter folks who are openly seeking success theater, w/no interest or concern for actual value. This observation blinded me for many years. I have an odd-shaped-to-some but very strong sense of personal responsibility, myself, and I am no less prone to moralizing judgments than the next old testament prophet. My reactions varied, often enough based quite unfairly on the simple metric of how much I liked the person in […]

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How Long? (Technique Re-Mix)

How long (redux)? In the technical side of the modern synthesis, we develop code by writing and passing tests then re-working the code to make it as change-enabled as we can. The key "how long" aspect to this: how long does the code stay not working? That is, how long in between the times we could push the code straight to production? The desiderata in the modern synthesis is that we try to measure that number on a scale using

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TDD & The Lump Of Coding Fallacy | Video

Hey, it’s GeePaw, and if you’re just starting to look at TDD, refactoring, the modern technical synthesis, we need to start with a couple of minutes about the Lump Of Coding fallacy. You’re a working geek: you spend your days coding for money to add value to your company. And one day some random schmoe like me comes up to you and says, hey friend you really ought to try TDD, because that value that you’re adding, you could have

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