April 23, 2018

Sticky Change: Changers Feel Better

Yesterday, this popped out. two very common misconceptions: 1) that it is possible to organize your way into agility. 2) that the secret to sticky change is anything other than “changers feel better”. Michael D. Hill (@GeePawHill) April 19, 2018 Today I want to elaborate a little on that second point, that sticky change happens when the changers feel better. All three words of “changes feel better” carry weight, have subtleties, and present possible fail points, so let’s look at …

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Agility Perks From Below

Plumbers make this joke on day one of having a new hire. "The first law of plumbing: shit flows downhill." That line probably pre-dates western civilization. It’s good to make a noobie kid laugh a little nervously. Agility doesn’t flow downhill. Agility doesn’t flow downhill, it perks up from below. In one sentence, this is because the bottom of the hill is where the people who directly make things make them, and agility is concerned most particularly with them, with …

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