August 2, 2018

Fear, Coaches, and the Will To Fail

Coaches, let’s talk about fear and — not the team — fear and the coach. I get to meet and speak with a lot of coaches, which pleases me. Because i’m an introvert with a taste for authenticity, I am also lucky enough to quite often get them in small groups or one-on-one where folks stop marketing and start sharing. For years, i’ve noticed that a great many of them live daily with the belief that they are not good […]

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Decomposition Rage Tweet Explained

Yesterday’s irritated blurt was a matter of feels, not an attempt to offer insight or ideas. I got some queries about it, so let me wipe that slate and be a little less irritated. For now, anyway. 🙂 In geekery — in all tool use beyond a certain point, but my focus here is on the modern software development synthesis — we confront problems that have a size that is "too big to eat all at once". This is hardly

Decomposition Rage Tweet Explained See Full Post

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