October 2018

GeePawing & Mentoring

I’ve spoken of thick vs thin culture. And my earlier muse was mostly for boss-types, and I promised to do the same for non-bosstypes. But I need to pause here, and do something different. I need to talk about mentoring/coaching to create proper context. (I should pre-announce, i’m semi-lit. I doubt I could pull this off if I were entirely sober, but I doubt I could pull it off if I were entirely drunk, and there it is. I get […]

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Thick And Thin Culture

What to do, what to do, around this larger topic i’ve been banging against recently: the extraordinary thinness of culture in geekery. I should say at the outset, I don’t have the answer. I don’t think there maybe even is a "the answer". And I don’t have an answer. I think there are several possible ones, but nothing in my mind at this time feels complete or well-worked out. Still, fools rush in . . . So I would at

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Getting Past Impostor Syndrome

I wanna muse about roughly 17 things. But i’m gonna try to relate them to a single message. The additional challenge, some of u may be in a place where this message will sound like an attack. Please please believe it is not meant to be that. The message: you gotta get past this impostor syndrome bullshit. It is a nasty trick that you and geek culture are pulling, together, on yourself. Far from being "honest" and "healthy", it is

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