December 2018

TDD Pro-Tip: Graceful and Awkward

TDD Pro-Tip: The first step past beginner-TDD lies in grasping the difference between awkward and graceful collaborations, and learning the myriad contextualized patterns for moving from the former to the latter. Folks invest a little in TDD, maybe cuz they’re excited, maybe cuz they’re ordered. They read a little. They try an exercise or two. They learn a little about their xUnit options. Maybe they boldly even use TDD to write a method or a class in their day job. […]

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Building the Wrong Thing

Folks worry a lot about building the wrong thing, that is, making software that does not please the many and different interests of the org, the users, the operators. I’ve certainly seen that. We all have. Government seems particularly consistent at doing it, tho surely there are plenty of commercial orgs that have the same problem. I see this problem differently from most folks. I’d like to take a few tweets and walk through my approach. The key insight for

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TDD Pro-Tip: Build Cells

TDD Pro-Tip: Build cells — logic nucleus on the inside, environment inputs & outputs on the outside, and a semi-permeable cell wall between the two. The metaphor i’m proposing here is really about the nature of borders in code. Prior to TDD, my grasp of this topic was driven largely by the great theory of object-orientation that began to emerge back in the ’80s and came to dominate the modern s/w landscape. As with so many aspects of the programming

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