August 4, 2019

One Story, One Day

TDD Pro-Tip: The step-wise technique has to account for what the user experiences when, so I have to build ways to control that when stories get bigger than a day. (A new friend asked the question: when stories get hefty, how do we "live at HEAD" without exposing our users to code that’s still WIP.) First the one-liner: don’t do that. Don’t work on stories that are bigger than a day. What I mean is, there’s a cost to controlling […]

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Large Stories Mean Side-By-Side Technique

When I have to have WIP that’s live in production, I pretty much have to use all the approaches for side-by-side development. In some recent muses, we’ve talked about "in situ" vs "side-by-side" approaches to changing code. First, let’s refresh our concepts for these two phrases. In both cases, we have a bunch of code A, and we wish we had a bunch of code B. B might incorporate all of A, or it might be more like A’, or

Large Stories Mean Side-By-Side Technique See Full Post

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