Month: May 2020

My Best Bug

I shipped a word processor that formatted the hard drive every 1024 saves. Must have been ’84 or ’85. I was a bright 25-year-old with about five years in the game. I was one of two programmers who wrote & maintained a suite of apps kinda like Office: spreadsheet, wp, …

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Juniors And Seniors

Lotta inspiration for junior geeks stuff floating around. I’m having a low productivity day today because, well, you know all of that, so I’ll take a minute nd pitch in. Do you know what I did for about twelve elapsed hours of coding time? I solved a problem. Cuz, you …

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Refactoring: Invert Dependency With Observer

Another refactoring today: Use the observer pattern to invert an infelicitous dependency. In and of itself, this is a modest refactoring, but its smell often co-presents with others, and unraveling it all can be tricky. (Note: We aren’t remotely done talking about first and second-order refactorings, there are plenty more …

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