December 2020

The Correlation Premise

Today, let’s take on microtest TDD’s Correlation Premise: Internal software quality (ISQ) and productivity are directly correlated. They go up together, and they go down together. Writing about geekery these days seems idle or frivolous at times. I’ve decided to just accept it as a way to relax here and there. But don’t mistake me. Black lives matter. Stay safe, stay strong, stay angry, stay kind. The correlation premise lies in direct opposition to the widespread but grossly over-simple analysis …

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The Judgment Premise

Today, let’s talk about microtest TDD’s Judgment Premise: "We are absolutely and permanently reliant on individual humans using their individual judgment in TDD." Folks, in these times, I gain respite in thinking & writing about geekery, and I hope you do, too. But there are more important stories, and this is just a break. Stay safe. Stay strong. Stay angry. Stay kind. Black lives matter. Voting rights do, too. The judgment premise emphasizes the human in test-driven development. There are …

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The Steering Premise

Microtest TDD’s Steering Premise is quite simple, which may be why it sometimes meets furious opposition. It says "Tests and testability are first-class citizens in design." Let’s talk that over a little. As is my wont, I remind you, TDD, and even geekery, aren’t really the most pressing story around us today. It’s comfort food, a chance to catch my breath. Black lives matter. Stay safe, stay strong, stay angry, stay kind. We can change this, we’re the only thing …

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The Pieces Premise

The Pieces Premise says, "To get the whole thing to do what you want, start by getting each piece of it to do what you want. It’s one of the basic underpinning of microtest TDD. It’s a hard time out there for those working on social change. I want you to know how much what you’re doing means to me. Geekery is respite for me. But I see you, and I see how hard you’re trying. Stay safe, stay strong, …

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Collaboration, Complication, Continuity

I was recently asked, by two different groups, two seemingly different questions, but I gave them both the same answer: Collaboration, Complication, and Continuity. Let’s mull that situation over. Folks, this is a hard time for a person with my views about society. There is so much going wrong, in so many directions. I turn to geekery, as I often do, to be a kind of comfort food, for me, and maybe for you. Stay safe, tho. And stay strong. …

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