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Five Underplayed Premises Of Test-Driven Development (Transcript) Hey, it’s GeePaw! I’m here to tell you today about five underplayed premises of Test-Driven Development. These premises form the kind of fundament under which almost all TDD proceeds. And when I say that I’m a TDDer, I almost always mean I am operating inside the little ring formed by these five test-driven development premises. Let’s check them out. We’re In This For The Money The first premise of TDD is what we […]

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One Page Intro To Microtests | Video

A microtest has the following properties: It is short, typically under a dozen lines of code. It is *always* automated. It does not test the object inside the running app, but instead in a purpose-built testing application. It invokes only a tiny portion of the code, most usually a single branch of a single function. It never *reaches* inside an object’s boundaries, though the tester may certainly *look* inside them. It is coded to the same standard as shipping code,

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