November 2017

Coaching: What I Actually Do

I spoze today is as good a day as any for me to start talking about what coaching is, about what I do and how and why. Tho I have these conversations in private, I have put off doing it here. I think it’s a mix of factors. Two amusing ones: i’m not very sure I have words for it. And i’m not sure I want to argue about it. 🙂 I am a software development coach. What I do […]

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ASAI: What If That Takes A Long Time?

We spoke of always-small-always-improve (ASAI), arguing for it as strategy against big-bang-change (BBC). In another part of the forest, someone has asked the question, "what if the cost of delay for starting small instead of going big is extreme?" A situation where a BBC is better because the cost of delay implementing ASAI is extreme is an "on paper" situation, not an "in practice" one, and it only works on paper because we’ve embedded it in a nest of un-true-to-life

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Always-Small-Always-Improve: A Coaching Vision

A little coaching theory today, eh? Coaches seek to change how things go. They see what is here and they think it could be better. In fact, they usually think it could be rather dramatically better — not worth the trouble of being a coach if not. And our clients want us to make things better, too. Tho it must be said, they usually don’t understand what that better is or how it will work or the rather kind of

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