October 2019

Easiest Nearest Owwie First (ENOF)

When facing especially weak code, it’s easy to feel daunted; there just seems so much wrong with it. To get my mojo on, I find the simplest infelicity to fix, I fix it. Then I do it again. Everyone encounters code from time to time that she does not understand. This is true for the noob and equally so for the olb. It is a fact of being a geek.

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When to Start TDD

First Episode of the GeePaw Podcast is now live! These episodes will be posted every Monday morning and will go hand-in-hand with either an old or new blog post on the website GeePawHill.Org. If you love it, sign up to the GeePaw Weekly newsletter to receive updates on all blogs and podcasts straight to your inbox.

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MCE #3: Mindful, Collaborative, Experimental

This entry is part [part not set] of 3 in the series Mindful Collaborative Experimental

What matters most when I’m collaborating on activity X isn’t activity X, it’s collaborating. I’ve given this MCE series a lot of thought, which is why the items appear so slowly. My take seems fundamentally different from what others seem to be saying. And it doesn’t feel like a tweak. It’s not one premise of the zeitgeist I would change, but most of them. Some ideas are baked so deeply into the zeitgeist, it is very difficult to use the

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