Easiest Nearest Owwie First (ENOF)

Season 0 / Episode 2

When facing especially weak code, it’s easy to feel daunted; there just seems so much wrong with it. To get my mojo on, I find the simplest infelicity to fix, I fix it. Then I do it again. Everyone encounters code from time to time that she does not understand. This is true for the noob and equally so for the olb. It is a fact of being a geek.

Early in one’s refactoring career, one tends to blame oneself. While it must be said that you have a certain peculiar charm, you feel basically stupid, and that you are at fault and not the code. Slowly, over time, you will begin to suspect otherwise, and you’ll start to realize the code works for you, you don’t work for the code. Congratulations! That is the correct attitude.


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