The Camerata is Launched!

Announcement: The Change-Harvesting Camerata is officially launched today!

There’s a special launch offer. Read on, to get more info about the camerata itself, and find out the launch deal.

A camerata — h/t Jess Kerr for that term — is a group of people working on a common problem, both together and separately. Part salon, part clubhouse, part Republic of Letters, part continuous colloquium, it provides a kind of interactive operational base for that community. A camerata is centered around acts of creation, invention, and experiment that occur in a kind of hothouse composed of people who are 1) alike enough to grasp those acts and 2) different enough to shape those acts, and 3) energized enough to engage with those acts. Cameratas represent some of the great “moments” in art and science history. Once you look for them, you see them everywhere. I think of Gottingen in the ’20s, of London after the Restoration, of Cold Spring Harbor, of Stein & Picasso & Hemingway in Paris, the list is long. Many of the famous cameratas, maybe even most of them, were funded by wealthy patrons, directly & indirectly.

The Change-Harvesting Camerata is funded by dues-paying members. The rate is $50/month or $500/year.

How we choose to spend that money will be one of the topics we’ll take up. For the moment, simply put, it will come to me. I’ll use it for infrastructure and to fund some of my own creation. That is just a starting condition. I foresee using it in much more interesting ways. The essential benefit of the camerata is the community interaction. Not only am I there, but so are like-minded others, including some I know you’re familiar with if you follow me. (Won’t name them, as they’re just friendly minds to the ideas being personally friendly to me.) Since I’m profiting for now, I’m offering specific benefits from my own work: early access to materials. reserved seats for events, a 15% discount on all GeePawHill.Org offerings. It goes without saying that I’ll be there, answering questions & stirring up trouble. 🙂

Finally, a special launch-only benefit.

The first fifty yearly memberships will receive a one-on-one remote coaching session with me. What changes are you up to? How can you harvest them? How can you even start them? These are the conversations I envision. I am convinced that the software trade, as healthy and wealth-generating as it seems on the outside, is in terrible shape on the inside. I believe the way forward lies through re-shaping our worldviews at a deep level, towards the idea I’m calling change-harvesting. If you agree, if you want to be part of a larger community that sees the problem in these terms and wants to shape the solution, well, join us today.

Let’s change things!!

(We do offer some PPP deals, and hope to offer some scholarship options soon, too. Email us at with your situation.)

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