January 2021

On Political Content

I got one of those messages I sometimes get from a reader, telling me that including my politics in my muses/blogs is off-putting. As a general rule, I don’t bother to respond to these. I gain and lose followers all the time, everyone who makes content does, for all sorts of reasons, and that’s just […]

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Real Programming S01E07: A Spike and An Event Bus

This entry is part 7 of 10 in the series Real Programming

pi Real Programming S01E07: A Spike and An EventBus We make a big architectural change today, going from an update() method to an EventBus. If you want to follow along in the code, the project is at github. Hey, welcome to Real Programming, the show where the slogan is currently in a hardening sprint. We

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The Value Premise

Today it’s microtest TDD’s Value Premise: TDD ships more value faster when that value depends on changing our branching logic safely & quickly. Let’s dig in. Before we start: geekery continues to seem largely irrelevant to me. 1 in 900 Black Americans have died of Covid. They’re still shooting unarmed men & boys in the

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