Automocking: Don’t Take Hard Shots

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Yesterday, I started my explanation about not using automockers. But that muse is about just one aspect of the automocking world: interaction tests. And automockers can do a lot more than that. We could use an automocker for years without ever writing an interaction test. So, then, again, why don’t …

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Automocking: Behavior Tests Are Not Quite

This entry is part of 2 in the series Automocking

So, with the intent firmly in our minds, from yesterday, I feel closer to explaining my automock resistance. There is still some teasing apart to do. Automocking tools bring several possible aspects to the floor. The first of these is by no means required by automockers, but is commonplace. And …

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Defining Agile: A Musing

Defining Agile Sooooo, I saw a couple folks arguing earlier about what is or isn’t Agile. That’s okay. People do that. Analytical people thrive on doing that. Anyone who’s gotten to the level of journeyfolk in any arena will seek to define that arena. All very healthy stuff. Nowadays I …

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User Stories Are Playing Pieces: The “Right Writing” Is Wrong

User Stories If you are concerned about how you write a user story, you have missed the entire point. A user story is a little card that reminds us of all the actual conversations we’re currently actually having. If the words "bathtub farting" are enough for the team to actually …

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Me & Molly & Marvelling

I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting to sleep lately. I go to bed cuz it feels like it’s time. Sometimes my body won’t settle, itching and twitching and such like. Sometimes my mind won’t. Usually it’s a mixture of both. So I get back up. But then I’m …

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The Driven Premise

EDIT: This premise has been renamed the "Steering Premise", you can see the full video breakdown here. The Driven Premise Here’s an illustration of the most basic principle of TDD, what I call the "Driven Premise": there once was a queen who had a thousand consorts, each more brave and …

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Assumption-Boxing is Harmful

Assumption-Boxing I’m thinking of maybe a new geepaw coinage: something like "assumption-boxing". This is when we frame a problem with an assumption that narrowly limits (boxes) the range of solutions. A real-world example we’re all familiar with: "Optimize meeting structure to exchange status reports on individual’s sub-projects". Do you see …

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