July 2019

TDD Pro-Tip: Make Hard Problems Collections Of Toy Problems

Because TDD’ing little toy problems is so easy, I try to turn my big real-world problems into collections of them. Yeah, it’s the steering premise rearing it’s ugly head again, though maybe from a different angle than we’ve undertaken before. (The short premises video is here) A lot of folks claim that TDD is just

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Refactor Your Tests

TDD Pro-Tip: I spend considerable effort making it possible not only to implement a test I want, but to make that test easy to read, to write, to run, and to debug. I’ve talked a lot about five premises of TDD. The money premise, the steering premise, and the chaining premise all get involved when

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Try Different, Not Harder

Change Pro-Tip: I give the same advice to myself as a coach that I do to my teams: "Try Different, Not Harder". A while back we covered Alice’s vision of how to change things. In countering it, I offered the adjustment "from final to iterative". The idea of iterative change is straightforward: It means that

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