February 2021

An Early TDD Experience

HOT TIP! Click the image below to get $75 off Ted Young’s new interactive online class running March 8th-11th 2021. Use special code "GEEPAW" at checkout. Thanks! When we talk about transitioning to microtest TDD, we have to figure out how to provide the right experiences in the right order. That’s why I propose we start by getting the experience of changing a well-microtested graceful class. Folks, my ideas about changing code are thoroughly entangled with my ideas about changing […]

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Real Programming S01E08: Tighter, Tighter

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Real Programming S01E08: Tighter, Tighter That cool change from last time needs finishing, and let’s tighten down the tests & code to their minimum. If you want to follow along in the code, the project is at github. Hey, welcome to Real Programming, the show where the slogan– we’ve had a little bit of a problem. Apparently, when the team heard us say that we wanted a burn down, they took it literally. It’s OK. We’ve got backups. I’m sure

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Technique & Transition

HOT TIP! Click the image below to get $75 off Ted Young’s new interactive online class running March 8th-11th 2021. Use special code "GEEPAW" at checkout. Thanks! Microtest TDD is a "way of coding", not an after-market bolt-on to old-school approaches, and as a result, we have to constantly intertwine our conversation about technique with our conversation about transition. Geekery’s fun for me, and it’s comforting, but it’s not the most important story going on around us. Enjoy this thread,

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Awkward & Graceful

In microtest TDD, we describe collaborations as "awkward" or "graceful". The distinction is critical to understanding how the Steering premise and the Pieces premise work together to make TDD a productivity tool. Let’s dig in. Here in the states, it’s Black History month. I urge my friends and followers to pay attention: American history and Black history are deeply & painfully intertwined, and we won’t move on until we go through. Black Lives Matter. We talked the other day about

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TDD’s Goldilocks Challenge

Successful microtest TDD depends on our ability to solve a goldilocks challenge: when we test our code pieces, do we isolate them too much, too little, or just right? Finding the sweet spot will mean letting go of rulesets & purity. As is my wont, let me remind you, geekery isn’t the only story going on around us. I write of it for my rest & comfort, and perhaps for yours, but it’s a break from more important things. Black

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Learning TDD w/ Four Mentors

Because microtest TDD is more a "way of geeking" than a technique or a received body of knowledge, building one’s faculties is a long and sometimes perilous effort. Let’s talk about learning. (I, too, feel a little relief just now, tho not as much as some, because recent events aren’t an ending, they’re the beginning of a lot of work. Black Lives Matter. Stay safe, stay strong, stay angry, stay kind. Let’s keep changing this.) I want to approach the

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TDD As Change Strategy

Microtest TDD is an effective change strategy because it dramatically improves our performance at comprehension, confirmation, and regression detection, all critical factors in handling change quickly & safely. I know how comparatively little geekery matters right now. Sometimes I need a break, and maybe you do, too, so I share. Black lives matter. We can fix this. We’re the only thing that can. Stay safe. Stay strong. Stay angry. Stay kind. We’ve covered a lot of ground in considering TDD

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