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Building the Wrong Thing

Folks worry a lot about building the wrong thing, that is, making software that does not please the many and different interests of the org, the users, the operators. I’ve certainly seen that. We all have. Government seems particularly consistent…
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We’re In TDD For The Money

Time, this morning, to return to the underplayed TDD premise called the money premise. In one phrase: "We’re in this for the money." What does that mean? In the software business, like every other business in a long period of…
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Growing and Keeping Geeks

From yesterday’s dark muse, this: i need stronger geeks. But I can't *get* stronger geeks without attending first and foremost to *growing* them and *keeping* them. — Michael D. Hill (@GeePawHill) August 12, 2018 #### Let’s go there. I believe…
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